Spa Policies

Pampered & Polished Spa Etiquette and Policies

Appointment Arrival: We ask you to arrive 10-15 minutes before your scheduled appointment time to complete appropriate forms for specific services.

Health Concerns/Medical Conditions: As a courtesy, please reschedule if you are ill. Please alert your technician of any medical conditions or changes in health may have occurred since your last appointment. It is VERY important for us to know to provide you with a safe and effective treatment. Pampered & Polished Spa respects your privacy in these matters.

Appointment Scheduling: Advanced booking is preferred and recommended. You can request appointments by calling the spa during business hours, leaving a message via voicemail, emailing us, or requesting online at our website or Facebook.

Deposits: A 20% deposit is required for all first-time guests to reserve their desired appointment. This deposit can be refunded if appointment is cancelled or rescheduled 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. We reserve the right to make exceptions to this on a case by case basis.

Cancellations: We ask that you notify the spa 48 hours prior to your scheduled appointment if you are unable to attend. If an appointment is cancelled less that 24 hours of its scheduled time, a $20 re-booking fee is required before another appointment can be scheduled. Appointments held with gift certificates that are not cancelled 24 hours in advance of scheduled appointment are subject to a $30 deduction of the Gift Certificate value. Pampered & Polished Spa reserves the right to waive these fees.

Spa Environment: Pampered & Polished Spa is a team of professionals who work together to make your visit one to remember. We pray that as we beautify and relax your body outside that your soul and spirit may find rest in our spa, as well. We provide the highest level of professional service and care with each client. To ensure a relaxing spa experience, please turn all electronic devices to vibrate or silent mode. Also, please use a “spa voice” in all areas of the spa. At each visit, we desire that our clients are allowed to relax and unwind in a quiet, restful space. Children are allowed in the spa, but must remain under parental supervision at all times.

Gratuities: Service pricing does not include gratuity. It reflects your appreciation of the services rendered and can be added to your ticket at your request.


No refunds on all Gift Certificate Purchases

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